Two Sonatas for Harp in D & G Harp Sheet Music by W.A Mozart

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These two little sonatas were written by Mozart when he was only nine years old. While visiting the Hague on a tour with his sister and father in 1766 he wrote them for the Princess Caroline van Nassau-Weilburg. Many of the European nobility were fond of the harp, and some were excellent performers. Princess Caroline was one of these, and, since she did not like to play alone, Mozart wrote a part for the violin which may be played or left out, as desired.

The sonatas are complete and charming with just the harp. When these sonatas were published for the first time in 1767 the indication was for Harp or Harpsichord, with accompaniment for a violin. The notation for harp was dropped on succeeding publications, and the sonatas became lost to the instrument. They are not violin sonatas, since that part is an ad lib accompaniment which may be omitted without loss. Neither are they piano or clavier sonatas. They are naïve and unflattering for that instrument; but, as harp sonatas, they come alive with all the grace, charm and sparkle known and loved in Mozart.

Fingerings are suggested in typical passages, including one passage which is negotiated by using the fifth finger. Trills are shown in footnotes, with suggested execution indicated. Where the notes of the violin part would add to the solo, it has been written in small notes as part of the harp part. The two sonatas should be played without break between them as if the four movements comprised a single work.

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