Tunes for Troubadours, Folk Songs and Original Pieces Harp Sheet Music by Samuel O. Pratt

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Some of these Tunes for Troubadours are original compositions and others have been with us, loved and played, for many generations. All of them are excellent for the harp.

Words are provided for a few. Words to many of the others will be well known.

Repeat each of these songs in performance as many times as needed for the words, or as many times as is felt desirable to bring them up to the proper length for performance.

The pieces are not arranged in order of difficulty; indeed, some will be easy or difficult for different for different players. None of them is really very hard. Some are easy enough for the earliest beginner to work on.

Some, by adding length through repetition, and by coloring and shading each repetition could grace any concert program.

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