The Harpist’s Daily Dozen Harp Sheet Music by Carlos Salzedo

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“The Harpist’s Daily Dozen” by Carlos Salzedo
For Pedal Harp
Intermediate / Advanced / 11 Pages
Copyright Renewed 1963 and Assigned to NEW SOUNDS IN MODERN MUSIC

The Harpist''s Daily Dozen can be used by all harpists with the exception of beginners. Its aim is to allow busy or touring harpists to keep up their technique with the minimum effort. One should strictly observe the various nuances, and refrain from practicing loudly, unless indicated.

Strength based on loud practice brings about muscular stiffness and thick tone-productions. Legitimate strength is the result of correct muscular action. In regard to the harp, this consists of drawing the fingers into the palm of the hand, (reaching over the palm as far as possible); of bending the thumb entirely over the second knuckle of the 2nd finger; of keeping the wrist curved in and perfectly supple-supple, but not relaxed; of keeping the forearm absolutely horizontal. In The Harpist s Daily Dozen, metronomic tempi have been purposefully omitted.

Players will regulate tempi in accordance with their technical ability. The sonorous substance of these exercises has been calculated to fit various tempi without losing musical value. One ought to repeat each exercise until a noticeable benefit is evident, before going on to the next.

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