Sonata In Classic Style Harp Sheet Music by Samuel O. Pratt

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This little sonata was composed for the Troubadour harp and at the first performance was attributed to the early harpist-composer, Desargus.

This time honored and oft-repeated deception was used to increase the usefulness of the composition which, if considered as a contemporary work, is quite anachronistic.

The Sonata is a most complimentary work for the harp, and particularly so for the smaller Troubadour, although it is still highly appealing on the pedal harp.

The three movements follow the traditional pattern and form-Allegro, Romance, and Rondo. The Allegro must maintain a light and rather fast tempo. Fingerings are indicated for this. The unconventional use of the 5th finger in a couple of spots is to avoid the sliding of the 4th finger. If the finguration is fingered as shown and played several times, it will come easily. The Romance is the traditional dialogue between the maiden, treble voice, and the man, represented by the bass voice. Lagato is obtained by staying very much off the strings, placing only at the last moment.

The Rondo finale is again very light and very fast. Practice all three movements much slower than indicated, trying for full speed only about every fourth time through. When full tempo is attained, then work up to the speed to about 10% over tempo as a safety measure. The marked speed will then be quite easy. The sonata is no particularly difficult and is a highly useful little work. Enjoy it.

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