Five Preludes Harp Sheet Music by Samuel O. Pratt

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by Samuel O. Pratt
For Pedal Harp
Intermediate /Advanced / 16 Pages
-“To A Little Dead Bird”
-“Homage to S. Radmainoff”
Copyright 1966 by Charles Colin

These were composes as small pieces to use in groups, or with other compositions in concert programs, or singly where a short please piece is needed. They were also composed just to be played for one s own enjoyment.

ARIEL Light, airy, flying or floating almost without pulse, but still within each glistening note, many hidden rhythms and rhymes. TO A LITTLE DEAD BIRD This is sadness, but sadness touched with gentleness and tenderness. Love expressed toward a small creature that has joyfully flown the skies and now flies no more; the same kind of love that would be shown if the bird were not a bird, but a tiny child. ONDINE Ondine lived in the waves and was really part of the foam. Or was the foam part of her? A mischievous fairy. When a current of water touches you as if a fish just swam by; it is Ondine. There and then she was gone.

HOMAGE TO S. RACHMANINOV A Humble expression of respect and gratitude to one of the greatest of composers. CLOUDS Soft, slow, and high above us. Ideals, aspirations, ephemeral dreams. All of these, changing as they move, and disappearing as they change.

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