Alborado (Morning Serenade) Harp Sheet Music by Samuel O. Pratt

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“Alborado (Morning Serenade)” by Samuel O. Pratt
For Pedal and Lever Harp
Intermediate /Advanced / 6 Pages
Copyright 1966 by Charles Colin

An Alborado is by definition a morning serenade, or an aid to morning serenity. This piece is quite a surprise to most hearers since, in spite of chromatic involvement, it is readily playable on the Troubadour harp. Designed and composed for this little harp, it takes advantage of the instrument s capacity to alter a note in one octave only. Thus it uses C# in the fourth octave and C Natural in the octave higher. Later, similar usages of the F and F# occur. This lends an easy constant modulation between two keys such as F Major and A Major.

While it is playable and rewarding on the pedal harp, its true character of lightness is better obtained on the troubadour. Keep it very light and maintain strict rhythm. Only occasional rubatos are permitted, and those usually within the rhythmic framework of one or two measures. The sixteenth note passages much maintain a rhythmic beat in order to bring out the hidden melody.

There should be no ritard at the end. A ritard a few bars before the end, leading into the final sixteenth note passage is desirable provided it is not overdone. Keep the mordents very light and quick, with the accent on the beat. Most of all, enjoy it. It is a dance, so let your mind dance, or fancy that your fingers are, and have fun with it.

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