4.5 out of 5

Baroque and Classical Pieces for Harp

This collection provides a wealth of new material for the harp ranging in difficulty. Every composition is a gem of excellent quality.
4 out of 5

Eight Baroque Pieces for Harp

A collection of Baroque compositions arranged for Pedal and Lever Harp and may be performed as a solo and with harp ensemble
5 out of 5

Five Preludes

Small pieces to use in groups, or with other compositions in concert programs, or where a short please piece is needed.
5 out of 5

Prelude in D Major, Op. 23 No. 4

We find this piece exquisite. It is a pity, and the bane of Rachmaninov's existence, that Prelude in C# Minor became his only widely known
5 out of 5

Three Pieces

“Three Pieces” by Claude Debussy Edited by Samuel O Pratt