4 out of 5

The Enchanted Harp

Beatrice Schroeder “The Enchanted Harp” by Beatrice Schroeder Beginner  / 8 Pages -“Jack And The Giant” -“The Prince and Cinderella” -“The Shepherdess and the Chimney Sweep” -“Peter Rabbit” -“Snow White”Read More
4 out of 5

Tiny Tales for Harpist Beginners

“Tiny Tales for Harpist Beginners” by Carlos Salzedo For Pedal and Lever Harp Beginner  7 Pages Copyright 1936 by ELKAN-VOGEL CO., INC. Copyright Renewed 1963 and Assigned to NEW SOUNDSRead More
4 out of 5

Two Songs for Harp

Nancy Uber “Two Songs for Harp” Edited by Nancy Uber For Pedal and Lever Harp Beginner /  3 Pages Copyright 1969 by CHARLES COLIN