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Affairs Of The Harp

An explanation of its maintenance and repair, a discussion of its literature, technique and philosophy.
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Alborado (Morning Serenade)

This morning serenade is quite a surprise to most hearers since, in spite of chromatic involvement, it is readily playable on the Troubadour
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Five Preludes

Small pieces to use in groups, or with other compositions in concert programs, or where a short please piece is needed.
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Intermezzo, Op. 117

Edited by Samuel O
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Sonata In Classic Style

This little sonata was composed for the Troubadour harp and at the first performance was attributed to the early harpist-composer, Desargus.
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The Little Fountain

Fountains and brooks have formed the backbone of harp literature since the advent of the double action harp.
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Toccata comes from the word meaning to touch, and in music has meant a form of composition usually comprised of 2 or 3 sections or movements.
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Tunes for Troubadours, Folk Songs and Original Pieces

Some of these Tunes for Troubadours are original compositions and others have been with us, loved and played, for many generations.